Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Exploring: Day #2

Good Morning Cabo

Let start the day @ Nikki Beach

Took 2 steps away from the pool and ended here..

Doggies love the beach too!

Walking into town for some lunch

Oh my that's a big magarita, I think I'm gonna take a nap after this one. And yes that is the bf/photog (who is very shy & hates pics). I always have to distract him with a beer to take his pics.

I passed out by the cabana and let the bf do his thing.

During his swim he spotted a seal, fishes & these shells. He thought I can make these into a necklace....considering how un-crafty I am... not sure if that is possible.


  1. Nice! :D Did you get tanned at Cabo yet?

    Love your flouncy dress.. so flirty :D

  2. You're such a beachy fashionista :D

  3. Very nice pics and girl, you had that "huge" magarita for lunch? Nice!
    Last week to enter my giveaway for a beautiful necklace at PetiteLittleGirl.com

  4. ohh wow these pics look amazing! I haven't seen beaches like that in years.. haha there aren't many sandy beaches like that here in Canada. That's awesome that you chilled at the pool and had magaritas for lunch, jealous! haha

  5. Oh gosh I'm jealous, I want to be on the beach right now, too! haha. That pool looks AMAZING!

  6. dam that margarita is HUGE!!!

  7. LMAO Ping he thought you would make those into something crafty?!? That's too funny!

  8. hahhaa sophia! well i told him that i'm uncrafty and he goes...well why don't you have sophia make you a necklace with. lol

  9. Pretty pictures and you have such a nice body!!!! My hubby is obsessed with CABO- and the sunsets are to die for there!!!!

    Looks like a blast!!!! :)


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