Thursday, July 1, 2010

Summer Casual Work Outfit

As you all know by now, I don't post too many work outfits. This one is for Extra Petite's Summer Work Outfit Contest. Living in SF, we don't have much of a summer so this is the closes thing I have as a summer work outfit.

Outfit Details:

Shirt from H&M
Size: XS
I've had this shirt for a awhile, but never really wore it because it was so wrinkly. I hate ironing and I finally went to get a garment steamer this weekend. Oh I was so excited when I got it home, I steamed all my pants and silks tops. LoL. I am a dork.

Skirt from a SF Boutique
Size: XS
I love the pockets on the sides. Keeps my hands warm. :)

Shoes by Jessica Simpson (from 4 years ago!)
Size: 5.5
They fit true to size and are pretty comfy.

Cardigan is from Zara
Size: XS


  1. My fav photos to date! They definitely belong in a lookbook or something. And, even though it's casual, it still has a very clean, professional look to it.

    And, I guess I'll vote for you.... hehe JK JK JK!

  2. "Living in SF, we don't have much of a summer so"
    ^ oh man, I couldn't agree more with that line.

  3. Love the outfit... I want that skirt! :)

  4. I hate ironing, too! Maybe I need a garment steamer.. where'd you get yours?

    I love the skirt! Extra brownie points for the pockets.

  5. Garment steamers are the greatest invention EVER! I bought one about a year ago, and haven't used an iron since.

    I also just realized, I have that same top but in solid bright blue...might have to bust it out. =)

  6. Sophia-- haha you have to give me your sympathy vote or else!

    Love 'n Salt -- I got it from Bed Bath & Beyond. It by Rowenta and it's a compact steamer. I think it cost about $59.00 and you get a $10 rebate. Reminds me that I have to fill out the rebate form!!

    Alterations Needed -- Sophia has the same top too!! must be a popular one...

  7. cute outfit! it definitely looks lookbook-worthy! :) haha if i got a garment steamer i would steam everything too .. starting with this dress i'm wearing. it takes too much effort to break out the iron and ironing board.

  8. I love this outfit! I tried that exact same shirt on..heheheh Super cute! Now I wish I would have gotten it! :)

    The skirt fits you perfectly! What a great look for work!

  9. Angie-- you need to get one. You can leave your dress/shirt/pants on a hanger and just wave the thing to the garment and the steam takes away the wrinkle...its like magic! haha

    Really Petite-- you tried on the same skirt? The lady working at the store made it sound like it was exclusive to her boutique. she tricked me!

  10. aww thank you ping :D haha yeah after this wrinkly dress and my military skirt, i definitely need to get steaming!

  11. That top looks wonderful on you!!


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