Monday, July 5, 2010

Casual Warm Weather Outfit at Napa & Follow Up on Gap Petite Jeans

I hope everyone had a nice 4th of July. I got a chance to escape the city gloom and enjoy the beautiful hot Napa Valley. I went to eat lunch at Bouchon and it was delicious as usual. We took advantage of the beautiful scenery and snapped some pics away.

After a late lunch, we drove ourselves to the Napa Valley Outlet. My first stop was BCBG. After 20 mins in the store, I had a handful of things to try on. I had dresses, jumpsuits, shirts & skirts in sizes 00 & XXS. I thought to myself, wow there's so many things in my size!!! Sadly to say, everything was huge and unflattering. So my excitement goes down a few levels as I drag my bf to BR. I hastily go into the store and find myself in the petite section. I thought I scored with a pair of 00P pants, but when I got them on in the dressing room it was another disappointment. The pants were baggy in the hips, legs, butt & thighs. My usual size is 00P at BR. Now, I'm starting to think that they make outlet sizes bigger than normal!!! My last stop was to Guess and I tried on a pair of leggings & it fit. I had to get it because I didn't come all the way to leave with empty hands. So yes, I drove an hour and a half to buy a pair of Guess leggings.....argh!

Outfit Details:

Top from Aritzia by Tulula:
Size: XXS
Price: $48 (I think)
Here is something similar for $19.99 at BR

Forever21 Charm Necklace
Price: $4.80
Similar here from Forever21

Floral Shift Shorts from Forever21
Size: XS
Price: $15.80
Fits great and I love how these shorts look like a skirt and it really great for the hot weather! The fabric is light and allows for plenty of air flow.
Similar here from Forever21.

Kick Your Heels Wedge by Seychelles
Price: $67 (sale price)
Size: 6 - I normally wear a 5.5, but the 6 fits fine & yes the 4" heels are comfy too!

Follow Up: Gap Petite Jeans From Previous Post
Always skinny destructed jeans (faded wash)
Size: Petite OO
Price: $19.99

I am keeping these. I think they fit, feel & look nice. I can see myself wearing them on a regular basis and I really like the color. I wish the length was a bit shorter as you can see in the pic it is bunching up on the bottom. Overall I think these jeans are pretty true to size. I'm taking it to the tailor to have it shortened before I wear them. They are definitely worth $19.99!


  1. what a cute outfit! i'm glad f21 size xs fits :D once in a while you can find something nice in that store of madness.

    sorry you didn't have much luck at the outlet mall :( i haven't even gone to one in probably 7 years x_x those skinnies look great on you and for $20 they're a steal

  2. You look super adorable in the first outfit!!!

    And the 00petite gap skinny jeans...I had no idea they even made that size!!! It's a great fit and I do agree- length is a bit long and I can't wait to see it after it's taken up!

    You cannot beat $19.99! Same price as my H & M girl jeans!!

  3. That outfit is super cute! I had no idea those were shorts. I want me a pair!

    I envy your CA weather. It's been gloomy and rainy for 4 days straight where I am =(

  4. I love the outfits! Aritizia is having a sale right now I spent a good half an hour in there just touching everything hahaha. And yea I think BR sizes might be gettiner bigger too!

  5. Love these look gorgeous. I really like those flounce shorts and was inspecting the pics trying to figure out whether they were shorts or a skirt : ) I tried on a pair from Urban which I liked, but unfortunately they were $50...the price you paid for yours is awesome : )

    I would suggest washing & drying the pants before getting them hemmed. Once I had a pair of new jeans hemmed then they shrunk quite a bit in the wash and were too short!

  6. I love those flounce shorts too! And totally thought they were a skirt until you said otherwise.

    Glad to see the jeans worked out for you. I'm still skeptical about BR/Gap jeans since I've tried on so many and none of them has ever fit me.

  7. That doesn't look like shorts at all it def looks like a skirt!! Very cute and comfy looking for hot weather!

  8. LOL the barenaked ladies performed on the bachlorette?! why??!? Their music is like folk or whatever. yeah there's One Week, then that If I Had a Million Dollar song, and Pinch me? I dunno, anyways it was free, beggers can't be choosers LOL!


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