Monday, July 26, 2010

How to: Fish Tail & Mango With Lime/Chili/Salt

You guys probably know by now that I love Free People. I probably check out their website every other day and its unfortunate that they don't have a store in the SF. The closes location is about 40 mins away! I been seeing all the models on their site with this fishtail braid and decided to give it a try. I thought this was a cute alternative to the regular braids. Plus it's also super easy and took me 2 mins to achieve.

How To:
1. Pull hair to the nape of the neck and divide hair into 2 sections.
2. Pull a strand of hair from the right section and place it into the left section.
3. Pull a strand of hair from the left section and place it into the right section.
4. Repeat steps #2-3.
FP did a video -- maybe easier to understand with some visuals.

Free People Lady Grey Tee
Size: XS
Price: $98

When I was in Mexico, there were fruit carts everywhere. When I'm in the states, all I eat is greasy junk food. I wished fresh fruits were more readily available..besides at the grocery market. The fruit vendors would sell mangoes on a stick and they would add salt/chili mix with lime juice. The combination sounds strange, but it's so delicious! I'm also a big fan of unripe mangoes with fish sauce & sugar. Heehee. I know...I like gross sounding food.

Step 1: Mix together chili powder and salt.
I like it more spicy so I did a 60% chili powder and 40% salt mix.

Step 2: Squeeze fresh lime onto a mango

Step 3: Sprinkle chili powder/salt mix onto mango

Step 4: Enjoy!


  1. I tried the fishtail braid on myself but deifnitely need to wait for hair to grow's short and piece-y now and stuck out at all the wrong place. It looks very nice on your long hair.

    You're right...both those mango options DO sound gross, lol! I love mangos but I'm trying to envision the added flavor of lime and chilli. I eat so many truly gross foods tho and love em that I won't even get started.

  2. ooo that mango looks really interesting : ) i love your lace shirt and braid! haha i can barely even do a normal braid without it being crooked .. can't imagine how badly it will look if i attempt a fishtail

  3. I just tried the fish tail braid this weekend! It didn't work out so well for me - my hair is curly and it has all these random layers in it :P

    mmmm...I've tried mangos like that before with some kind of premixed spicy salt my parents bought somewhere; it's sooo're making me want some now!

  4. I have too much freaking hair to do the fishtail. It's HUGE AND THICK. Very ugly :[

  5. Yumm totally reminds me of the fruit carts in LA.. they put mango, jicima, watermelon and squeeze lime juice and put the chili pepper into a cup! My coworker told me there are fruit carts in Oakland but I'd rather not venture into those parts of Oakland.. lol.

  6. Welcome back!! I've never had mango with chilli and salt... hmm interesting... haha yea I've been eating soo much fast food here. My stomach is finally catching up after a week of greasey food!

  7. I love the chili and salt combo. Had it with watermelon in Ensenada during a mission trip...super refreshing!

    I love fishtail braids but it's too bad I cut my hair because I'd wear that! =)

  8. You're not Vietnamese, are you? I thought only Viet ppl eat the green mangoes with fish sauce and sugar! I happen to LOVE it lol... but it does sound gross though haha. My friend got me started on eating all kinds of fruit with salt & pepper too... the flavor profile is nice and balanced with a combination of sweet (or sour) and salty with added heat!

  9. PetiteXXX -- I grew up in Vietnam, but I'm not Vietnamese. I'm Chinese, but I have adopted the Vietnamese way of eating. It's very fresh, clean and full of fruits/veggies which I love. I love flavorful food that is salty, spicy, sweet...everything combined!

    Everyone who hasn't tried this combo -- you are missing out!!

  10. Yummie! I love both ways of eating mangos!!!

    And the fish braid is darling on you!

  11. I love mangoes! I was on a recent mango craze... I bought a whole box from Costco and most of them died before I got around to eating them. I averaged 2 or 3 a day.. LOL

    My hair can never do braids. I have way too much hair :p


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