Friday, July 23, 2010

END of Cabo

I'm sad to be home right now. Cabo was so much fun, the people were so friendly, the food was amazing, the beaches had the most awesome sand and crystal clear water & the weather was perfect! And I come home to the cold & depressing. I guess I can reminisce with these pictures.

Below are pictures from dinners & etc...

Practicing my masterpiece "Mary had a little lamb"...
Marrakesh Dress By Free People (I've worn on previous post)
Price: $98
Size: XS
The material is light weight & also wrinkle free. Great for traveling and wearing in warm weather.

At the infamous restaurant "Mi Casa". Every local raved about we had to pay a visit.

I must say I had a misconception about Mexican food. I thought it was going to have to eat greasy quesadillas and burritos all week, but that was definitely not the case. Everything is pretty fresh and there's a ton of seafood.

At Mi Casa, we met Takito the clown. He made boner & flower balloon hats for group of people next to us.

I was thinking no tip for you if you make us boner hats!

On my way to dinner at "La Fonda". This pic is taken from our hotel room...I already miss the ocean view from the balcony & the sound of the crashing waves when I sleep at night.

Dress from H&M
Size 2

These guys at La Fonda were serenading every table. They didn't ask, they would just come up to your table and sing. It was all types of cheesy 50's American love songs. I was thinking, if you're gonna come over and sing to us, can you at least give me some Justin Timberlake...but no such luck. These guys don't understand English...they just sing it. lol.

Here's the last 2 photos I took before leaving the hotel.
Bye Bye Cabo.

Abercrombie Kids Ilana Top (Size M, $34.50)
American Eagle Destroyed Denim Shorties in Size 00, $24.95 (similar here)


  1. You are such a tiny gal! :) Love all the Cabo pics... it makes me wish I was on vacation on a nice, tropical place eating fresh seafood :) yum!

    Love the backdrop of the 2nd to last picture :) Reminds me of a cabin!

  2. aw im so glad you had fun! im sooo jealous! you look so pretty in all your pics too :) lol, that's funny about the clown making boner hats...hope there were no kids around! :P

  3. Those pictures are so fun! I really like the blurring of the last one

  4. Hi. I read in another blog that you are using a steamer. How has it been working out for you? Which brand and where did you buy the steamer? Thanks!

  5. Your legs look a mile long in that balcony pic! Actually you look pretty tall in all your pics... and I must say that even though the last outfit is so fun and definitely appropriate, I can sort of see what you mean when you said you were long-waisted before.

  6. Sydney-- I have a rowenta compact steamer and I got it from bed bath & beyond. It works really well & I've had it for a couple of months or less. I use it for everything. No complaints here.

    PetiteXXS-- oh yes I definitely agree with you. I have a long torso. Shirts tend to run short on me. That shirt I'm wearing in particular has an elastic on the bottom and it kept sliding up and I kept having to pull it up! It's definitely a warm weather top and not for SF here.

  7. What idyllic life you led at cabo! Aww... you make me wanna go on a holiday too. And waves crashing when you sleep? Gosh... that's what I would love to experience some day. Living by the beach or ocean. Well take care. Hope you didn't suffer from any withdrawel symptom. =)

  8. I am glad you had a great time with your bf. I wish I can go there for a vacation one day. I really like your last outfit. You look very cute in shorts

  9. love the photos! Don't you think it's nice to come home after a holiday though? the only thing is that it's nice not having to worry about all the usual stuff!

  10. I'm sad you had to come back to dreary weather too :( But at least you have lots of happy memories and gorgeous photos to look back on! You should put together a photo album!

    Ew wtf that clown looks creepy.. don't they know that everyone hates clowns!

  11. I did a double take at what the clown was making...did you say boner (and flower) hats? Lol!

    You look great in the little denim shorts and cropped top. Those AE 00's fit SO snugly! Definitely not a style I can pull off with my stubby waist. I love the look of cropped tops, but whenever my tummy catches a drift of cool air I will end up with a stomach ache...

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