Thursday, July 29, 2010

Nordstrom Miss Sixty Jacket, Corso Como Shoes and JCREW Fall Wants

Hey Ladies-- I haven't been able blog because my digicam broke! I'm so annoyed. I have a Sony Cybershot and I bought it because I assumed Sony made quality products. I had the digicam since May so I haven't gotten that much use out of it. Anyway, I have to send it back to Sony and have them fix it.

I was able to snap these photos before my camera KO.

Coats by Miss Sixty at ShopStyle

I love this model. Everything looks so nice on her. She suckered me into buying this jacket. She also models for FP & Guess, I think I buy everything she wears! I am so easily influenced.
Here I am in same coat. Not the same at all...not even close.

Shoulder: It's padded. Not loving that. Makes me look like a football player.
Sleeves: Too long and loose.
Waist: I'd prefer a more fitted look.

I think the zippers, large buttons, over sized collars and many details on the jacket overwhelmed my body.

Verdict: Definitely returning the jacket asap!

Sandals by Corso Como at ShopStyle

I ordered these Corso Como from awhile ago. Sorry its taken me this long to review. I just haven't had too many chances to wear them.

I wore them once for a couple of hours and omg it was not comfy! The front of the shoes were narrow and after a couple of hours of wear it was definitely squeezing my toes to the point where I had to change to another pair of shoe. Most shoes tend to run big on me, but not these.

Another thing that annoyed me was the cushion. There was so much of it that every time I took a step, it cause the cushion bed to make squishy farty sounds...ummmm not cute. The doubled straps was also a pain when putting on and taking off the shoes.

I took these to Cabo with me thinking I'd wear them andt stretch them out, but I ended up not wearing them. I can't imagine wanting to wear these during the fall, so I am not keeping these.

Verdict: RETURN!

JCREW Fall Wants

I want this jacket in the soft taupe color. Comes in size 0P & it is $258. It's been at least 10 years since I have bought a jacket from JCrew. Does the 0P run small, true or big? Let me know if you have had experience with their coats.

Can't have enough boots. I want these in the fossil grey color. It comes in 5.5 and runs for $350.

Boots by J.Crew at ShopStyle

I don't follow JCREW that closely, should I buy these items before they run out of sizes or should I wait for a coupon or for it to go on sale. Dilemma -- help!!


  1. I actually ordered those shoes from Endless too... they feel pretty comfy but I guess you never know until you wear them out. I also didn't really like how they look on my feet... so now I'm glad I decided to return them!

    Too bad about the jacket... isn't it so disappointing when things turn out so ridiculously big? :\

  2. I'm glad I decided to return those sandals too...I was a little torn but after hearing your review I am relieved. How are you able to return them tho after wearing? Do they accept that?

    I love those J.Crew booties, but my are they a lot. I've also been dying to try 0P coats. Now that there are so many petite bloggers I don't need to, lol! I hope one of you do soon!

    Their sizes don't sell out as quickly as some other retailers (in my opinion) but definitely don't wait on something that you love. A coupon code that works on coats probably won't come around soon. And if it does you can always re-buy if it's still in stock and return it with the old receipt, right?

  3. Love your fall wants from Jcrew! I never had a problem of Jcrew sizes being too small...they were always too big, but perhaps they've re-designed the fit. The last time I tried from Jcrew in 0P was two years ago and it was their velvet blazer. I still have it and it fits ok when I wear it with a heavier sweater.

    Good luck and do a review if you get that jacket! =)

  4. Aww...such a shame about the jacket! I looks great on the model, so I can see how you were fooled.

    I'm also curious about the J.Crew petite 0 coats. Would love to see you do a review if you pick it up! =)

  5. i hate how stuff fits so perfectly on the model and then you put it on and go ehhh ... :( boo hope you find some stuff soon that fits you great!

  6. The jacket definitely is huge on you. It looks very nice on stock photo. I also like the shoes too but I wouldn't keep them if they're uncomfortable.

  7. I have amiss sixty jacket and I love it! They fit me well, I want the purple one lol. And yeah boots are so great, the take up a lot of space in closet compare to sandals though :( need more closet space...

  8. Too bad about the jacket, it does look really nice in tock photo! I wonder if it actually fits the model like that or if they clipped it in a the back to make it more fitted.

  9. Ugggh I know what you mean about shoulder pads!! I HATE shoulder pads they look horrible on petites!

  10. PAG -- i have no idea about the return policy. i hope they'll give me my money back even though i wore them. sometimes i forget that not everyone is like nordies.

    AN & Angie -- I wonder if they make a prototype for the model so it fits them perfectly. I know Bebe does that a lot. When you see their ads compared to in person, it doesn't look the same at all.

  11. I'm a J.Crew addict! I LOVE the JC jacket but haven't have the chance to try it on yet. I have bought a lot of JC jackets and I'd say the petites fit pretty good overall but depending on the style/silhouette. I bought a schoolboy blazer in P0 and it fits perfectly on me!

    I won't suggest to pay full price for JC items unless they're collection items (as they don't make that many pieces). Always wait for coupons but if you want to try some styles on (since some items are online only), wait for the free shipping coupon so you won't end up paying for the shipping fee in case you return the items to the store. Hope this helps!

  12. thanks Jean for letting me know...maybe i will wait. i'm so impatient and i always always end up paying full price for everything. im always scared that my size will run out!

  13. Hey Ping, if you want to order the JC jacket to try on, here's a free shipping coupon code - AWU32B.
    I hope the stores carry the jacket so at least you get to try on to see how it looks!


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