Thursday, May 16, 2013

BR Fitting Room Reviews + 30% off purchase of $150+

I've been stalking the BR site for coupon codes because I really wanted this printed halter dress! I got an email today for a one time use 35% off coupon and couldn't have been more excited to go purchase this dress in store. I'd normally wait for a 40% discount, but was worried they would sell out of 00P. LoL, yes I like this dress that much! The silhouette is quite simple and something I could DIY, but I knew that the print would be impossible to find. The mirror print is so unique and I also love the color combo. The dress is a loose fit and drapes over the body beautifully. The material is silky and lightweight which will be perfect for a wedding I'm going to in hot SoCal this July. I almost forgot to mention the dress is fully lined and very comfortable to wear. I'm really happy with the purchase and would highly recommend it!! PS - I don't remember the last time I was this excited about a dress and especially one at BR.
The double strap and the print is very cute. The length is also nice for a petite. It's one of those dresses that looks great on the hangar, but kind of underwhelming on the body (on me at least). I also didn't like the elastic at the waist and thought it cheapened the dress a bit. The elastic also caused the fabric to billow above the waist, giving the appearance that I have big odd shaped boobs. Definitely passed on this dress.
I chose to try on this top because I really liked the neckline with the pleated details and the gold buttons. I love this jade color and think it would be flattering on pale or tan skin. The length isn't too long and hit right below the hips. My only issue is that it gapped in the chest area and it's a little low cut (definitely not a work top). I'm passing for now, but might consider purchasing if it goes on clearance though.

I didn't see an XXSP in store, but it is available online! The XSP I tried was quite blousy and wide and I'm not sure if XXSP would be small enough for a better fit. The print and color is quite beautiful and I agree with the reviewer that this blouse looks better in person. I'd be interested to see how an XXSP would fit. It's not worth buying at full price so I'm passing for now and waiting for the right size and price.

For 30% your purchase of $150+, use coupon code BRTAKE30.


  1. I love the first dress, Ping! You have me interested in it now. If a 40% code pops up within the next week or two, you can get a price adjustment. : ) They give you 14 days (in Canada at least), so good luck!

  2. That will make a cute wedding guest dress! The tile print blouse would be a perfect shirt for me for work...patterned with breathing room for my armpits!

  3. I am seriously in love with the first dress. The print is beautiful! I like the maxi as well. Looks like the perfect length too. Have a great weekend, Ping =)

  4. So glad you got the first dress b/c the color and pattern really are stunning! Yay for already having a place to wear it :). Also love that jade top. Hope it goes in clearance b/c I'd love it too :).


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