Friday, May 31, 2013

Milly x BR Collection

I was really excited to check out Milly x BR Collection as I love her use of bright colors, bold patterns and stripes. The collection definitely has a resort feel and many pieces that could be nicely incorporated into one's summer wardrobe. I normally love neutral colors and solids, but ever since I started doing DIYs, I've been very intrigued by things on the opposite spectrum. It's actually more fun and inspiring to work with bold colors and prints and that's why I was particularly excited to try out this collection!
 Milly Collection Sleeveless Chevron Stripe Dress. 00P
I love the chevron print and the color combo of this dress. Normally most retailers don't take the time to line up their patterns, but everything is pleasantly aligned on this dress. So bonus points for that aspect as I know how time consuming it is to match up all the lines (after making my chevron maxi!). As much as I wanted to love this dress, the fit was just mediocre.
My dislikes: baggy, shapeless, big armholes and hefty price tag! I don't mind retailers charging over $100 for a dress, but the least they can do is fully line it.
I wanted to love this dress too, but feel that the stripes and color just don't work together. The stripes are too wide and not particularly flattering on a petite frame (not sure if it will be flattering on any frame!). I'd normally love the illusion of a fuller bust, but this just made me look wide (& not busty) in the chest and waist area. The pink color was also a little pepto bismo-ish. Heehee sorry!
I do love the fit of the dress and it fits the bust and waist area very well. It is very true to size with a good length. I also have to comment about the back zipper -- it is very short and only goes down a little past the waist. I worked up a sweat wrestling with the dress to get it over my "big chest"! I almost forgot to mention that this dress is partially lined.

The fit is same as the dress above, but I think I prefer the solid color over the stripes. I feel like the dark navy solid color is very slimming and lengthening! I probably still wouldn't purchase due to the short zipper issue.

Milly Collection Sleeveless Jacquard Dress 00P.
This is my favorite piece out of the collection! I love the bold neon color with the subtle jacquard print -- a winning combo. The color makes this dress very youthful and fresh while the silhouette is conservative, so I could see this being worn professionally to work and then transition to a happy hour/cocktail attire. The fit it quite nice in the bust area and the arm holes, its comfortable and not too big or small. The waist and hip area are a little roomy, but definitely not a deal breaker! The dress is fully lined with an invisible back zipper. I would definitely purchase on a good discount! ;)

Milly Collection Eden Rock Printed Dress. 00P
I like the bright turquoise color, but I'm not too crazy about the print. It's very bold and reminds me of a man's Hawaiian print shirt. The sizing is very off and pretty baggy all over. The positives - it's fully lined and at a good length.

 I also have comment about the feather printed skirt that is not lined with an elastic waist. It comes with a hefty price tag of $89. Really?! Sorry I'm being totally harsh, but it's really not worth that much.

Also check out Enni Clothing for similar dresses. If you are interesting in purchasing, BR is currently running a promo for 30% off their full priced items. Use code BRFresh30. Ends 6/1.


  1. Great neon dress! No need to apologize for being harsh. I like your honestly. It's not like you found all the flaws and then still purchased "just because".

  2. the neon dress looks very flattering on you! it'd go well with a white blazer


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