Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Splash of Mint & Giveaway Winner!

The winner of the Stella McCartney inspired DIY dress is Jen K. Congrats girl! Shoot me an email to claim your prize. Thank you so much to everyone who have entered my giveaway!
Out of all my DIYs, I wear this nude skirt the most, not because it's my favorite item, but because it's such a versatile piece that goes with everything in my closet. When deciding what to make for my DIY projects, I often struggle with the question: should I create something that I can wear everyday or make a piece that is unique and spectacular? I've been wanting to make a long gown with an open back just because the idea sounds awesome and it would be a showstopping piece. Then I think about it again and decide not to because it'll just end up hanging in my closet because I have no occasion or event to wear this dress. 
H&M Mint Blouse. (similar here
Aritzia Blazer. (similar here for under $80)
DIY Pleated Skirt. (similar here)
Forever21 Earrings. (similar here)
Pour La Victoire Mai Wedge + other colors hereGifted. Size 5.5. RTTS.


  1. Do them both! Nothing wrong with creating a showstopping piece! :) (And I love that skirt SO MUCH.)

    1. Hahha thank you! Wish I had time to make everything I conjure up in my head! Unfortunately I sew at a snail pace and take apart pieces constantly (because I'm anal). LoL

  2. Ahhh did I really win??? I am SO excited! :D Thank you Ping! I will email you separately.

  3. Wow, your sewing skills are amazing Ping! I might need to get some pointers from you. I don't think there's anything wrong with creating a showstopping piece, especially since they tend to carry a heftier price tag on top of alterations on petite girls, it's much easier to have it custom-made. I think you should consider doing custom orders, I'll definitely be one of the first to sign up :)

    - Christine

  4. Aw man, I didn't win, haha, but congrats Jen K! Jen would definitely look great in that DIY dress! Ping, I hope you continue more DIY item giveaways since your DIY's are AMAZING! Love your earrings today!

  5. Hey,
    great outfit. I mostly love the blouse.



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