Sunday, May 5, 2013

Dressing Up The (DIY) Romper

I have a couple of rompers in my wardrobe, but they are very casual and something I'd wear as a beach cover-up or around the house. I was fabric shopping the other day and found this beautiful  fabric that is a wool/crepe/silk blend. The fabric is very luxurious with a nice weight and the color is so perfect for spring and summer. I knew I wanted to use this fabric to make my sophisticated version of a romper. 
I was really worried about the outcome of this romper as I have never made one before. One of my favorite show is Project Runway and it seems like the designers on there always have issues with the crotch or butt area when making pants or shorts. The entire time I was working on this piece, all I could think of was my butt or crotch eating the shorts. LOL! Sorry if that was too graphic of an image! Luckily the short part came out just fine, such a relief!
I made my own pattern for this romper and it's something I drew up on my own. It's still a learning process, as the pattern I made was not a good one because I had to make a number of alterations before this romper would fit me decently. If any of you are beginning sewers or want to start sewing, my best advice to you is to be patient with your projects. There's no shame in taking something apart multiple times until you get it right! For those of you who are cheap like me and don't want to purchase a pattern, the best way is to take a piece of clothing you currently have (that fits your well) and use that as a guide to making your new pattern. If you're unsure of how to sew something, find a similar piece that you have in your closet and examine closely.
Someone asked me a few posts ago about what sewing machine I currently have. Well I was using a Shark Pro that was gifted to me 5 years ago. I never touched the thing until this X-mas and sadly it was sitting in my mom's backyard shed before that. Due to constant outdoor exposure, I believe parts of the machine were rusting. It broke down on me after a month of use so I ended up replacing it with a Brother CE8080PRW (Project Runway Edition). I bought it because there were lots of good reviews and most importantly many people said it's a good starter machine for beginners. I'd say the reviewers were right because the machine comes with a manual that is so easy to understand.
DIY Romper. (similar here, here & here
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  1. The peachy color is so pretty! Again, amazed at your skills! The romper fits beautifully!

  2. I love the color and the romper fits you perfectly! It looks like an expensive item bought from a store :)

  3. I love rompers that are more dressy, but they don't come around too often :/ I really like your romper and the darts you put in, it definitely doesn't seem like a beginner's job. I have to agree, I've taken apart some of my clothes so many times just to get it right (learned it the hard way) lol

    - Christine

  4. Good job on the romper, Ping! It looks great!

    If you are interested in patterns, if you sign up on, they often have sales where they have them for $.99 each. You do a pretty great job making your own patterns by eye, but working with pre-made patterns (even just a few them) can give you a new perspective on how and when pieces should be sewn together and how things should fit and make the sewing process a little less painful in the long run (from my own limited personal experience).

    1. Agree with Cher! All of my patterns were $0.99 and I use one to death - takes a lot of guesswork out of the process. BUT you are doing fab on your own. Still thinking you're going to be a PR contestant one day. :)

  5. Love it, Ping! You did such a great job. The romper fits you like a glove. I love the color as well. This peachy color really compliments your skin tone.

  6. You never cease to amaze me with your creations Ping. This is a job well done!

  7. Another amazing final product! What a great pairing with the necklace. Great tip about using what is in your closet rather than a pattern.

  8. I can't believe this is your FiRST time making a romper b/c it look soooo good! And the color and cut really makes it sophisticated!

  9. I love the colour, Ping! It looks like a store bought piece of clothing! You are awesome. : )

  10. Beautiful! Could you share some instructions for us?
    -did you use interface in the waistband?
    -what kind of fabric is that?


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