Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Makeup Tutorial: Part 2 (Eyebrows)

I thought I'd be able to fit the makeup tutorial into 2 parts, but all the eye stuff was getting too long so eyebrows is getting its own post. :)
For me, filling in the eyebrows is so important because my face looks naked without it. I have lots of hair on my head and it's also very dark, but not sure why my eyebrows are so sparse, thin, and light in color.
 To fill in my brows, I use Brun eyeshadow by Mac (this is a nice color for someone with really dark brown hair). The brush I use is  Mac #263 (good for filling in sparse brows).  For thick brows, use Bobbi Brown Brow Brush instead (will deposit less powder for a more natural look).

*The key to finding your eyebrow color is to go a couple shades lighter than your hair color. You never want to match it because it will be way too dark and make you look scary. If you're unsure about what color to use, below are some recommendations:
For black hair: use espresso shadow
For blonde hair: use grey shadow
For red hair: use taupe shadow

  • (1) Draw a line from the bottom of the arch that connects to the (2) tip of the eyebrow.
  • (3) Then draw another line from the crown of the arch to the (2)tip. Then fill in the rest of the tail area with short small strokes. 
  • (4) Draw a line from the bottom of the start of the brows to the bottom arch.
  • (5) Then I fill in the rest of the brow with small upward strokes. 
*Also remember to tap off excess shadow before application or else you'll end up with traces of shadow on your face! 
If you are not good at filling in your eyebrows, not to worry because you can easily fix it or erase areas that you want to get rid of. This is also a good method I use to create really clean crisp lines under the brows.
  • (6) Take a small concealer brush (I use Mac #195 brush) and dip it into your foundation. Paint over the areas that needs to be erased.
  • (7) Take Q-tip and wipe off the foundation.
Let me know if you have any questions.


  1. I use the exact same brow filler...I actually got up to check. :p When I dyed my hair black I went to the MAC store (it is at the mall we ate lunch at...memories) and the SA suggested the brun color.

    I am usually pretty sloppy at filling in my brows, though...will have to try your more disciplined ways. :)

  2. I use Clinique Charcoaled brow shaper. I think it looks good with black hair. For black hair, I think using an ashy gray-brown is key.

  3. Thanks ! Can't wait for the eye make up tutorial. Can you do it in a video form?


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