Sunday, April 19, 2015

Anthropologie Spring Dresses (Petites)

So I'm still searching for cute spring/summer dresses that I can wear to upcoming weddings and thought Anthropologie might have potentials. They're also having an extra 20% off sale items and I thought maybe I might find a good deal, but of course everything I picked out was full price.
The print of this dress is so pretty and I love how vibrant the colors are! It's a very flow-y and twirl-able dress, if you know what I mean! It has that slinky texture and it's nice that this dress is lined. The dress has a pull on style without any openings. In terms of sizing, I'd say it's too big and I'd recommend sizing down 1 size, plus it would look better on someone a couple of inches taller (I'm almost 5'2"). The smaller sizes are currently sold out online, but there are quite a few available at the SF location if anyone is interested.
Anthropologie carries the nicest maxi dresses! The knit fabric almost feels like a double knit and not like a thin jersey fabric and it's also lined. At the same time, it's quite pricey so I guess I wouldn't expect any less. Although the dress fits really true to size, I feel like the style is pretty matronly on me. It definitely looked better on the hanger. I'd prefer to show a tad more skin in the shoulder and clavicle area since the rest of the dress is so covered up. I do like the surplice neckline and ruched waist band that help defines the waist. 
I'm a sucker for scallop lace fabric! It's so pretty and romantic and I like the blue in contrast with the white. In terms of fit, the bust and the waist area is a tad loose for me. For reference, I wear a 32B at Victoria Secret and the 00P probably will fit someone with a least a 34" band and bigger cup. It's not something I'd recommend doing alteration on (no myself at least) since its lined. I'm just not a fan of doing alterations when things are lined or when the fabric is delicate since I'm kind of rough and can see myself getting angry and ripping the thing apart. LOL. This dress was a no for me. 
I can't find this dress on their website, but the size is either a 00P or XXSP. It has ruching in the waist area and it's super fitted throughout and especially in the bust area! I'm a little confused by this dress. I think it's too casual to wear to a wedding, but too dressy for a normal day time dress and too fitted for work. It might be good to wear on a date!? I'm not sure I love the 3/4" length sleeves with a fitted silhouette and think sleeveless or cap sleeves might have been more suitable for the style. I can't pinpoint how I feel about this dress besides that I'm confused by it. This dress is a no for me. 
Express Coral Elastic Fit And Flare Dress. Size XS - will fit someone that is XXSP.
This dress is from Express and it's been awhile since I've stepped foot in there. I've been a big fan of the coral color for spring and I really like the crisscross bodice of this dress. It has a pull on style with lots of stretch and according to the site, they describe the fabric as polyester/rubber! To think about it, the fabric did feel stiff like it was made of rubber bands. What bothered me is the the different depths of pleats, with the sides pleats being shallow and the middle one being deeper compared to the rest. I also like a softer and more flow-y skirt! I asked my bf what he thought and he said he liked it, but didn't love it. So that pretty much means, it's okay. I'm on the fence about this dress and I can see where my bf is coming from. I do like it, but just not in love with it. I'd purchase if it went on deep discount!


  1. Super helpful! I love shopping at Anthro, their dresses are gorgeous. We are about the same size, so this was a great guide.
    Julia // Little Miss Haute Couture

  2. Love finding other petite bloggers! Your picks are gorgeous; I especially like the scalloped white and blue dress and the red fit and flare :) Just followed you on bloglovin!

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