Saturday, April 4, 2015

Casual Spring Items (Under $50)

I recently started working from home and I'm  honestly in my pajamas all day long and literally feel like a slob. I decided I would work half days at a cafe so I would force myself to get dressed and put on makeup. I wanted to refresh my wardrobe with colorful spring pieces that are casual and cute for the cafe without looking too dressed up! I also didn't want to spend too much money (because that would be silly, right?) and fortunately Macy's has been having awesome sales with prices that are lowest for the season and I ended up placing a few orders!

I'm curious if any of you ladies work from home and do you get ready for work or do you stay in your pajamas/comfy clothes?
White Cropped Jeans | Blue Cropped Jeans | Mint Embroidered Halter | Utility Jacket | Ankle Boots

Size XXS are available for the all tops with the exception of the white lace knit top. I purchased that in the XS and received it in the mail and the fit is pretty decent with the waist area being a tad big. It's super cute and has a small key hole in the back, which was an unexpected and welcome detail. I already wore it today with jeans and my bf really liked the lace detail. I also received the mint embroidered halter in size XXS and the fit is great and the top is so cute in person! I wore it to happy hour with my friend and she really loved the top too. The back is adorable and I really like that the embroidered detail is more vibrant and bright in person! I haven't received the other items, but will definitely keep you ladies updated. 

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