Sunday, April 12, 2015

Review: Coral Lace Dress, Floral Rompers and Tropical Maxi

I have a couple of weddings to attend this summer and have been on the hunt for dresses that are appropriate and fun. I would also like to go somewhere warm on vacation (don't know where yet), and would like to be prepared for the occasion and have some cute warm items on hand!
I have been eyeing this dress for the longest time and love the bright coral color and the lace fabric! I also love  the unfinished hem line with the raw edges. The reviews say the dress runs small and I had a really good feeling that it was going to be a winner. The length is perfect, its nether too long nor short for my frame. The price is a really reasonable because lace fabric can get really expensive if I were to buy this and make it from scratch and it's also fully lined (a lot of work). I almost bought this dress, but the one thing that bothers me is how low the armholes scooped down. If I were a busty gal, there would definitely be some side boob action! I knew this was something I did not want to take upon myself for alterations and since the armholes were so problematic, I decided to pass.
This dress looked so cute on the hanger and the fit was actually not bad! I forgot to take a more detailed picture of the back, but the bow detail is super adorable (you can adjust the tie to fit your body). The back scoops really low so you wouldn't be able to wear a bra, but the bodice is lined so if you don't need the support then it should be fine. The pleating below the waist gives the shorts some flounce, which is super cute and the length is perfect for a petite (which I was totally shocked about). If this was a different color, then I would have totally bought it, but pastel colors aren't really my thing and I think it's more suited towards someone who is more fair skinned (not saying I'm tan or anything lol).
The fit doesn't look bad in the picture, but I'd say this romper fits about a size too big. The crotch is sitting really low (2-3" below mine), so I think this is probably better for someone at who is least 5'3 to 5'4 or with a really long torso. The fabric is 100% poly and very lightweight and also unlined. Considering that it's backless and you can't wear a bra, I'd prefer for the bodice to be lined like the romper above. I'd like the shoulder length to be shortened a couple of inches so the neckline isn't so low.  Love the bright colors and bold print, but this one was a definite no for me.
I am obsessed with maxi dresses and love how comfortable they are! The print and color of this one is just so pretty and gorgeous and the price is under $20! I mentioned that I work from home a lot and have been wearing them around the house (instead of pj's) so I don't feel like a hobo. It's cute enough to throw on a sweater or denim jacket over it and be ready to grab lunch with friends, run errands in, or go to dinner with my bf. This dress is really roomy in the bust area and it also sits  a couple of inches below my natural waist. The length is about 3-4" too long for me, but that is definitely an easy fix. The lining goes down to the knee and there are slits on each side of the skirt. I was on the verge of buying this, but knew I would be bothered by the roomy bodice and it would be too much work for me to take apart and alter. I'd definitely recommend sizing down 1 size if you're interested in this dress.

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