Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hoodie and Jeans...not so bad right?

I guess my sense of fashions is as bipolar as I feel sometimes. If someone was to ask me how I'd describe my sense of style, I'd say just that. I was feeling un-girlish and wanted something just thrown on and simple. I had these pair of jeans for awhile and I probably wear it all the time. It's simple, the color goes with everything and fits great. I wished I had a shot of the back. I love the pockets and the button me a lifted bottom.

From top to bottom:

Piped Moto Jacket from Armani Exchange (XS) -- Fitted look. They don't have this color anymore, but 3 others are available. Armani Exchange also has petite sizes. 0P and sometimes maybe 2P. They are great for casual wear.

Hooded Plaid Top from Free People (XS) -- also available in a "tea combo" color. Loose fit. Great for going to a buffet! haha! As my one of my friend would call it her "buffet shirt". Maybe the shirt doesn't photograph well, I just looked at it on the FP website and it's not too cute. I promise it's a lot better looking in person.

Seamless Tank from Free People (XS) -- a tad loose around the waist. Available in 4 other colors. I might stock up on more colors.

Jeans by William Rast. I have to admit, I bought these originally because I love JT...and also that it fits (haha!!). Anyway I couldn't find the exact style, but here is something similar.
Belle Flare -- mine are size 23. I'd have to say this brand runs pretty large. I'd recommend ordering a size down. I had to get these shortened. I also kept the original hem. I hate when the stitching doesn't match! The butt pockets of the jeans I'm wearing are exactly like the belle flare.


  1. Very casual and cute! And demure even with the "off-shoulered" blouse : ) You're keeping with your Free People theme I see.

    I've never seen A/X in 2P ... I think their sizing is odd with 0P and then usually regular everything else. I can't figure out if the "p" in oP actually indicates more petite proportions throughout the entire garment (like length)...or just smaller.

  2. The jeans look as comfy as you describe them. I love buffet shirts! LOL They look very flattering on you! :D

  3. Yaay finally new post!

    I'm dying without my laptop... I'm posting this from my phone haha. Help. Me. :/

    Unexpected outfit, but I like it. Reminds me of a levis ad I think :)

  4. PAG - I'm not sure about A/X sizing either. Bebe does the same thing too. Sporadically they will carry a 00P, 0P or a 2P in the stores. Haha I guess I am on a FP streak. I have so much from them its not even funny!

    Sophia! I have an extra laptop is you need one. I can bring it tomorrow. Let me know.

    The bf saw the "levi's ad" comment. Haha he says "Hollister" and he's very proud of himself for being the photographer! LoL.

  5. OMG!! You know how to pose like a model!! lol when I first glanced at your photos from my googlereader, I thought that they were from a magazine spread! xD Ping on the Rocks! I likey...haha sounds like a drink ;) Gosh, you are so fashionable!!

  6. Your legs look very long, on that pant.

  7. You could seriously model! Your body is amazing and you pose so perfectly! :)


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