Sunday, June 27, 2010

Faking those Long Legs

I'm the unlucky few that have a disproportionate body. My torso is much longer than my legs...why can't it be the other way around right? I always see girls (even petite girls) with long amazing skinny legs and they look so good in shorts and skirts.

Well I was cleaning out my closet and was about to toss these trouser jeans and decided to try them on one last time before getting rid of them. When I put them on, my bf commented how great they look. I was thinking...okay maybe I'll keep these. I decided to pair these with high heels. The wide leg hides my heels which gives the illusion that my legs are actually longer than it is. Awesome! :)

Outfit Details:
Banana Republic Trouser Jeans
Size: Petite 00
I love BR petite pants, I never have to get them hemmed!
Here is a similar pair from them and there are still sizes left.

Gray & White Polka Dot Top from H&M
Size: 4
It came with a tie around the waist, but I lost it. I'm surprised it wasn't too loose on me because I normally wear a size 2 at H&M.

Black Leather Bomber Jacket from H&M
Size: 2
I think I got this jacket for no more than $40 -- such a deal.
Here is something similar from for $748! Yikes! Of course it's real leather compared to mine.
Asos has a similar one as well and at a more affordable price of $169.

Shoes by Michael by Michael Kors
Berkley T-Strap Sandals
Price: $98
Size: 5.5
These shoes are great and fit true to size. The heels are 4" high and they are still comfy. I've worn them to work, to go dancing and just walking around around the city to shop. I have a few pairs of heels from him and I have to say they are all comfy.Thumbs up!


  1. Those trousers look great! I took photos in a pair of wide legged pants last week but after looking at the pics realized they look terrible on me. I like yours have kind of a boot cut versus just straight down and wide.

    I'm a little surprised you think you have a long torso and short legs...I would say the opposite!

  2. your legs look miles long and flattering! i don't know what you're talking about :) i made the mistake of running track in middle school, so now i'm stuck with these semi muscular thighs that look awful with everything xD if i take pics from lower ground though, it creates the illusion of length!

  3. Those jeans look really good on you! I think the have just the right amount of wide-leggedness so they're flattering instead of baggy. I also can't tell at all that you have a long torso... but I do agree with you that I'd rather be short-waisted, somehow those people always look so much taller in the same clothes!

  4. ladies -- haha omg....if one of my friends are reading my blog-- helen or vikki-- they can tell you that i have short legs. they always made me sit in the middle (in the back of the car) because i had the shortest legs.

    it's definitely the 4" heels that are making my short legs look longer than it is....swear!

  5. OMG your legs look like they are a mile long! Those pants fit you great!! And love love loving the MK shoes!!!! :)

  6. ya hahaha i have totally seen those poor dogs xD i guess i don't love pandas thattt much

    yes! i live in san diego now. i've lived all around the US though in my life and i definitely enjoy the west coast most. i adore SF! i visited last winter with my bf (he lives in SJ) and it's the cutest town! i love how all the houses stick to each other :)

    i go to school in st. louis now and the four seasons are: winter, winter, winter, blazing hot

  7. Such a classy outfit! And I think you got long legs especially in those jeans. Love how you paired it with a bomber jacket too

  8. I like how those jeans fit snug at the hip! It's always tough to find pants that fit well everywhere... it's like if you find one that fits well at the waist, the thigh will be too big, or if the leg fits the hip or butt will be too big. Good to know BR 00P fits well!

  9. Great trousers! I haven't found a pair that really works well or lengthens my bodyline. Usually they're too wide and not fitted. Still, you do look way tall!

  10. Agreed with everyone else...those jeans make your legs look fabulously long!

    I really like this look with the leather jacket.


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