Thursday, June 17, 2010

Matty M Tunic

Shirt by Matty M. Size XS. $55.

This is a Matty M Shirt from Hautelook. For those of you who don't know what Hautelook is, they are an online site that hosts private sale for different brands each day. It's similar to the Gilt and Ruelala. I've seen this brand at Nordstrom before, but never felt compelled to purchase.

When I first took the shirt out of the package, it looked really big. I thought it wouldn't fit me, but lo and be hold the shirt drapes really nicely. I also really like the detail on the bottom and the color of the shirt. This is a good work top for me because it loose, non-body hugging, not colorful and covers my butt when I want to wear leggings or tight pants.


  1. The material looks really nice on that shirt, and you can probably belt it too for a different look. How's the return policy on Hautelook? I'd heard that it's credit only for Gilt, which is kind of a turn-off, especially for big ticket items.

  2. I absolutely love the color. It's beautiful. It drapes very nicely on your body. It looks very comfortable! :) What kind of material is it?

  3. nice top! love the detailing on the side

  4. Great buy! This looks great over skinny bottoms. Pxxs-it's credit only unfortunately.
    Did you take these pics with the same camera as the other posts? the focus is so nice on these. Your bed looks nicely decorated as well!

  5. I LOVE hautelook! I check all the time for stuff haha. The shirt looks great on you btw! I agree that all teenage girls go through a phrase of wearing scandalous clothes, I used to wear short tube tops with bell bottom jeans omg what was i thinking!

  6. I agree with PAG ~ these pics def have the blurred background ~ it's a really nice touch!

    Love so much about this top ~ the sleeves, the flutteriness of it, the detail, mat'l.. nice pick!

  7. PetiteXXS-- yeah I try not to buy stuff if I think I might have the possibility of returning it. I hate the policy. There's also a list of things that are final sale and the list is pretty long!

    R.D.A.L.-- its 100% silk and I already got a grease stain on it during lunch yesterday. ARGH!

    PAG-- ohh its the same camera. I blurred out the background because I didn't want you guys to see my messy room in details. lol

  8. Ping - LOVE your are CRAZY I feel huge in comparison to you and Sophia. :)

    And you call that messy???? Your bedroom looks like a saint compared to mine lol

  9. gorgeous tunic! love it

    Anna Katrina


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