Saturday, June 5, 2010

Much better shorter...but not too short!

Wow it's been months since I've cut my hair. My hair was starting to split at the ends and it felt like hay. I finally decided to pick up and the phone and call my girl Rox at Oxenrose Salon for a haircut. She's super awesome, I've always liked every hair cut she has given me. You know how you go to hair stylist and you tell me to cut off 1/4" and they end up cutting 2" and you're like what?!?! Nope, not Rox! I also like that she doesn't use a razor to layer my hair. I had someone do that to me one time when I was a hair model...OMG it was the worse experience ever and gave me split ends like no tomorrow. Never again will I let someone touch my hair with a razor!

Anyway, I normally like a lot of layers, but I decide to go otherwise this time. I kept most of the layers long so its easier to manage.

Top: XS from Free People -- It's old so I can't find it anymore.

Stretch Twill High-Waist Side Zipper Shorts from American Apparel $48 -- Size 24/25. I would say these run a little smaller than most brands. These are pretty high-waisted and go above my belly button. These shorts don't offer too much stretch either. When I sit, the high waistband digs into my belly. It also comes in 3 other colors like coral, moonbeam and ash blue. This is also a great place for petites ...some of their pieces run pretty small!

Animal Print Flats are
by Betsey Johnson in size 5.5. For flats, they are not the most comfortable. I had it for a couple of years, but I rarely wear them especially for a long period of time.

I also go these 2 hair products today recommended by Rox.

Kerastase Smoothing controlling care. $36. I needed something to make my hair soft and shinny and this serum was nice because it's not greasy. Its easy and quick to use, you apply 1 or 2 drops on your hands and run it all over your hair.

Unite Tricky Spray Finishing Wax $26.99-- I wanted a pomade like product to give my hair texture, but didn't want that heavy greasy cream to weigh my hair down. This is a light spray (like a hair spray, but not sticky) that gives texture, hold and a little volume to the hair.


  1. Hey what happened to my comment I left earlier??

    I tried to add adsense to my blog, but not working.. dunno why :( LAME.

  2. OH. I forgot to type in that verfication word that's why *SIGH*.

    Soooo... I left a comment earlier that was something like this:

    Yay I'm glad you didn't chop off your hair! And, we posted at almost exactly the same time haha! It's funny to think we're both typing and blogging at the same time :)

    I love this outfit, and the shoes especially! Can you please tell your photographer I prefer the angled down shots? :p

    When I'm in your 'hood again I want to have more Taiwanese food!

  3. Hair still looks very long and pretty : ) I loong for the day my hair grows back ... Never again will I chop off 8 inches on a whim!

    AA does run really small, but their stuff is sometimes too hipster for me. I do like their simple tee dresses. Love the plunging back on that fp top!

  4. Your photographer is doing an awesome job Ping! Is this person up for hire?? I need one. I think that's why i'm so lazy at blogging hahahaa.
    Your hair looks good though! :)
    Kerastase hair products smell soooOOoO good and they work very well for me. Oxenrose is so close to my work! My old supervisor goes there all the time but i sometimes hit up the spa a few doors down from Oxenrose - Pure Envy.

  5. Sophia -- thanks for reminding me to not chop off my stylist will say the same thing when I tell her...what about cutting it this short. She'll say no! haha

    PAG - I had a bob cut a couple of times and I regretted every time! AA is pretty hipster...every now and then, I find something basic there to throw it in the mix.

    Susy-- I have a traveling photog that goes with me everywhere. He snaps pics of me where ever we go. It's should get one!

  6. I really like the length of your hair. Sadly to say, I am regreting for cutting my hair SHORT. My hair was like yours few weeks ago. Oh well, it'll grow back right? Hopefully fast


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