Monday, June 28, 2010

Hollister Shorts Review

I'm going on vacation soon and am in dire need of shorts! I was in the mall today and decided to stop by at Hollister. Who would have a better selection of shorts than Hollister right? I tried on a number of shorts and was very disappointed and left the store with nothing! They have a clearance section online all the time, but it never entices me to purchase because I don't trust their sizing. I have tried on jean in 00 that are too large and also have had shirts in XS that are way too tight. Hollister is definitely not a line that I can just trust when ordering off their site because of their size variances.

I also have trouble finding shorts because I have a small waist & semi-large butt/thighs and most shorts don't accommodate this odd combo!

Hollister PC Highway Sweater
Size: S
Price: $59.99
Verdict: Not buying because of price

I couldn't help but grab this pretty cardigan with me to the fitting room. I love the ruffles and the fabric is so soft. The sweater is a bit pricey for Hollister. For $59.99, it should fit perfect. I don't know if you can tell from the first pic, the sweater sags by the waist. Even if they had a smaller size, I don't know if I would purchase at this price point. You can't really tell that the shorts are loose, but check out the pic below. I practically was able to pull on the shorts without unbuttoning it.

Hollister Zuma Beach Shorts
Price $24.89
Size: 0
Verdict: No on these shorts because of large waist

Hollister Rolling Hills Short (aka Hoochie Christina Aguilera Shorts)
Size: 0
Price: $19.89
Verdict: No because I'd be too embarrassed to wear these out in public. I just wanted to try these on for fun because they reminded me of something Christina Aguilera would wear. It's funny because a lot of the sizes are sold out online...I guess a lot of people like them.

Hollister Shorts
Size: 0
Verdict: No buy because it gives me sagging crotch and the waist is too big once again!
Sorry but I couldn't find these online.

Hollister Tourmaline Shorts
Size: 0
Price: $24.89
Verdict: No buy!
Now that I complained that everything is too big, these shorts are tight around the waist and my butt cheeks are hanging out. I'd show you ladies that back of the pants, but I thought I'd spare y'all. LoL

I'm really picky when it comes to shorts and its fit. I like them to be short, but not too short. I like them to be fitted, but not uber snug. Any suggestions on where else to look??


  1. I know exactly what you're talking about. Have you tried H&M shorts? I haven't yet and I'm curious. I found some nice loose F21 ones but they're too saggy for S. Maybe I will try XS next time.

    I hate it when shorts are so tight they ride up and hurt me x_x. I'm glad we have similar leg shape! Everyone else I see has those stick-thin legs and tiny thighs and I'm stuck with a butt and muscular thighs xD Makes wearing short shorts a terrible experience.

  2. Sorry to hear the shorts didn't work out for you... guess I can cross this brand off my list! Btw the funny camera angle reminds me of those mirrors at the carnival or circus that makes you look taller/fatter etc... the tile flooring kinda adds to the effect!

  3. too bad none of the shorts worked out. I find it funny that all hollister changerooms pretty much look identical cuz I recognize that it's hollister changeroom just from the pics then I read your blog and yay lol!

  4. LOL Ping ~ I posted on twitter last weekend pretty identical pics. I tried on the 0S jeans, and pulled it over my hips without unbuttoning :o Teens are big these days!

    H&M shorts size 2 (in certain styles ~ you have to try on if you can brave the store) fit me.. might be big on you. Otherwise, maybe try Juicy petite size? Their pants fit me in the petite size.

  5. Angie-- I don't know where my thunder thighs and huge butt came from because I am the most unathletic person ever. I never played sports in school. It must be all the walking I do in the hilly SF!

    PetiteXXS/PopChampagne--I hate those hollister fitting rooms. They make it so dark that I can't really see what I'm trying on.

    Sophia--haha you should have warned me about the Hollister pants! I will not be discouraged and continue my journey finding the perfect pair of shorts. :)

  6. I never really had luck with Hollister, although abercrombie kids works better for shorts if you need smaller sizes...even gapkids has some shorts that fit better for me.

    I the same problem where my legs and hips fit, but my waist gaps a I just resort to finding shorts that fit in the hip tailor in the waist. It worked for my Forever 21 shorts so now they fit perfectly. Also, I found Banana Republic shorts in 00 on clearance two years ago and they fit perfectly without any alterations.

    Good luck finding shorts! =)

  7. Those shorts weren't fit you at all. If you like Hollister style, have you try A&F kids? I got a few pairs in 14 Girl and they fit me OK..I am too old for those kind of shorts anyway. You probably will like them. Check out my blog for the review of my favorite shorts
    Good luck!

  8. Omg! I have the same problem with shorts! I gave up trying to find cute ones that fit.
    Have u tried H&M? The size 2 runs small:-)

  9. yeah! when i went to visit SF with my bf all the walking we did drove me crazy hahaha i was so dog-tired by the end of the day xD

    i love wearing clothes that i've been idolizing for years and years. even when they tear i get really sad and can't bear to throw them away xD i hope you find some nice comfy fitting shorts soon! i'm on the lookout too

  10. Aww... I understand how bummed you must be feeling. Hollister shorts really look good on their website, just like Abercrombie. Yes I could see how loose it is on your tiny waist and that's already size 0? It's never easy to find that perfect pair of shorts. That's why once I find one, I tend to keep wearing the same one all over again despite having a few stashed somewhere in my wardrobe.

    On the previous post, I also have long body. In fact, I think my body and legs are the same length! Haha... So ugly right? But depending on what I wear, sometimes there's the illusion of having lone lean legs. From the photos I see, I think your legs are perfectly fine dear. No worries at all. =)

  11. Ping!!♥

    Hello~!! It's been a while! I'm sorry I haven't been commenting regularly on your last few posts--I will get to them soon, I promise! Anyway, first thing's first...

    1) I LOVEEE your new blog layout! It's so sophisticated, calming, elegant, and just very easy on the eyes! I digg! :D And you got a pretty banner of yourself, too! ^_^

    2) Thank you so much for your almost immediate comment on my last blog post. I really really appreciate your concern and how you related to me!<3 I think it's awful that your parents wanted to charge you rent money for storage! =( I'm sorry to hear about that, but yes, I definitely agree with you. The only way out and the only way to be free is to be independent!

    3) Aww, that's a shame that the Hollister shorts didn't fit you! Their sizing is actually pretty consistent for me each time. I'm usually a size 1 there (with some muffin top spillage too)--you make me feel so fat! ahaha xD you are so skinny & petite! hehe Have you tried out Abercrombie Kids? I think you would fit a size 12, if not a 10, there! The pricing for Abercrombie Kids is in the same range as adult Hollister shorts, too, so you should check it out, since it's definitely much more cheaper then the regular A&F store! And another place you can check for perfect fitting shorts is actually Wet Seal! They have $15 shorts right now in blue denim and a variety of colored denim as well! I scored myself a pair of cute yellow shorts not too long ago! I hope you'll find some perfect summer vacation shorts soon! Good luck! Let me know how it goes! :)

    ♥ caroline


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