Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Zara Finds

I have forgotten about Zara and have been disappointed the few time I've been in there with their selection and sizes. I'm glad I decided to give Zara a second chance! This top is one of the finds from there and I absolutely love it. The fabric is really soft and drapes nicely. I also love the bow detail as well.

Outfit Detail:

Top is Zara Basics in Size S (come in 2 sizes only - S & M - random!) for $25.90 (pricing is kind of random too).

Skinny Khakis from Zara. Size 2. I think these were $30 pants. I got them awhile ago. Waist is definitely too big. I'm wearing a belt...not sure if you could see it bulging through the shirt! The length is 2" too long. I folded it over. I was too lazy to take it to alterations.

Shoes are are favorite and I will always love them! They are Tory Burch. She makes the most amazing shoes. I've gotten so many compliments. I was at a conference in Texas last year and a couple of guys came up to me (and they were straight) and said wow they are cool shoes. I thought to myself Texans looove me....haha! Then I had a few more people approach me to tell me those are pretty awesome shoes. So I came to the conclusion that they just love my shoes and NOT ME!


  1. Those are nice shoes! :) I always love the belt detail in a shoe :) It just works!

  2. Great shoes ... I love TB shoes as well! I'm so surprised that you can wear the Zara size S and size 2 stuff. Does it say TRF on the tag? (their juniors line, which seems to run smaller than Zara Woman)

  3. Rainy Days and Lattes -- I do love hardware and gold detailing on shoes.

    PAG -- they are both "Zara Basics" -- not sure if that is the Zara women line? I don't purchase too much from Zara because their stuff tends to run really big and boxy. I was surprised that the S top fit too. Maybe I'm eating too much butter and bread...yes thats my favorite food. haha!

  4. I love the shirt... very cute! I don't have any Tory Burch shoes yet but I keep hearing about how great their flats are. May be I'll find a super deal somewhere and finally jump on that bandwagon :)

  5. I can't wear Zara. It makes me look like i'm wearing a garbage bag :[
    Those Tory Burch shoes are hot though!

  6. I like the top to bottom! Lovely casual outfit :)

    All my Zara pants have stretched out from overwearing them, and I have to wear a belt at the tightest notch, which makes my crotch look really wrinkled and awkward >.< *sigh* life is rough for the petites!!!!

  7. Love your shoes. They are so fun

  8. Those shoes are definitely amazing!!! OMG... I've been missing out on your posts. Shame on me for not keeping up to date with blogging. Love your style!!

    I miss Zara. When I lived in socal it was only a 15 minute drive to the mall with Zara in it. Now I have to wait until I got to the city which is not often enough. {*BOO}
    The bow on your shirt is so cute!

    <3s Serena.

  9. Although this is an old post I just have to comment about the straight guys liking your cool Tory Burch. That had to be very flattering. I'm a guy too and your Tory are pretty cool. That said I'm a huge fan of any Tory shoes or flats. I like them so much I wear them myself. Cute post, thanks for sharing.



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