Monday, June 14, 2010

I'm a Tourist/Hypocrite

I've been shopping so much the last couple of weeks, I kind of lost track of what I've even ordered and where its being shipped to. These Cole Hann Sandals are evidence of my bad shopping habits. I had these for probably over 2 years and forgot that I even own them. Sophia (
Kechiko) and I chat all the time and she showed me something similar to these recently and asked if I like them. I was said ...ehhh. Hahah I'm such a hypocrite.

It was so nice in SF this weekend I decided not to shop and enjoy the outdoors. All of these place are less than 1/2 mile away from my apartment. I got off my lazy butt and decided to go sight seeing with the tourists.

Outfit Details:

Rows of Ruffles Dresses from Free People for $68. Size XS. This is a good layering piece, I don't recommend wearing this by itself. As you can tell in the picture, it's pretty short. It has a nice loose fit which is great for this hot weekend. When it comes to ruffles, layers of it can give the illusion of extra bulk and this dress does not seem to do that.

Cole Hann Sandals. Size 6. I'm normally a size 5.5, but the ankle straps are adjustable so I don't mind the shoe fit being a tiny bit bigger. Here is something similar from Cole Hann - Thong Sandals- and its on sale for $89.

Cardigan From Express. For details, check out this May 31st post.
Michael by Michael Kors Bag. For details, check out May 23rd post.


  1. Hehe "rows of ruffles" ~ what a cute name :)

    It looks really good with the sandals! Those shoes are perfect for hot weather.

    Your camera has good color.. I've never seen Ocean Beach look so turquoise blue before!!

  2. Very pretty easy breezy outfit. I like the white long cardigan and need one myself. Love how voluminous your hair looks against your slim bod!

  3. Love your dress and your shoes. Very cute outfit!
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