Sunday, June 13, 2010

Juicy Juicy

Even though I do have a couple of Juicy Hoodies from a couple of years ago, it never crosses my mind to go into their store. I was heading towards Forever21 and had a change of heart because it was too cold and windy outside the mall. I thought Juicy will do.

I found these two cute top and intended to wear these when I go on vacation because it's never hot in SF! Well SF decided to prove me wrong because it's hot this weekend. I am definitely not complaining!

Outfit Details:

Stripe Scope Neck Top $58 Juicy Couture. I'm wearing size S because they didn't have any XS in the store and I like the top so much I decided to buy it even though it's loose. I'm sure the XS would fit much better. You can't really tell in the picture, but the arm holes are really big. If I didn't tuck in the top, the shirt hangs down to the point where it almost cover my shorts. Maybe I'll take it for alterations...

Cotton Sateen Stretch Shorts by Talula from Aritzia $40 Size 0. Overall fit is fine. The waist is pretty big...definitely can't wear without a belt.

Leather equestrian belt from Jcrew $45. I cut off the tag from the belt, but I think the size I got is XS. Also Jcrew recently launched a new site called Madewell. It looks like a more casual and less expensive version. Let me know if you get anything from there and how their stuff fits.

Tory Burch "Sally 2" Peeptoe Wedges from Bloomindgales $265-- I got these in size 5.5 and they are pretty true to size. I been wearing these a lot and they are stretching out a bit.
I also wore these on my May 31 post.

Top is from Juicy Couture $58. Size XS. Sorry there isn't a link. I can't find it anywhere online. I love the flutter bell sleeves and the faded graphics. The printed is actually printed on the inside of the shirt! The sheer material of the shirts allows the image to show through.

Liquid Leggings are from Bebe XS. I got these for $2 from the Bebe sample sale. Sophia and I went last year and we got a whole bunch of stuff for $2. It was in a big warehouse packed with miles of people. It was insanity.

BCBGirls Black Pumps Size 6. These run 1/2 too small. Here is something similar from Nordies and it's on sale for $38.90. BCBGeneration 'Alena' Pump (Nordstrom Exclusive).


  1. Ping I want the TB wedge now too! Convince me they're worth $250 pls haha!

    I know susy is gonna love the liquid legging!

    Yes so warm I finally got to wear shorts!

    And thankgoodness ur blog isn't filled with music and crap so I can load on my phone!!

  2. And I found my dream apt in cole valley but the girl has to consider if she's ok w. Bf.... I guess I'm sf if u live with ppl ur supposed to stay single and never date or have a life wtf!?! Haha just venting cuz I know u feel me on this one!!

  3. Sophia you need to get the TB sandals. I've worn them twice this week and they are so comfy and cute. I absolutely love her shoes. They leather SMELLS expensive too. lol

    Send me the link (or pics) to the cole valley apt! i know it sucks about the bf! you should find someone that has a bf to live with! Or maybe find a one bedroom.

  4. Cute tops from Juicy...I, too never feel compelled to go into their store. I have some sweats too in sz P (which are so tight, btw!) but that's it.

    I love those liquid leggings on you! They make your legs look so long. Shocked that they were only $2 - not bad at all for a fun piece.

    Ah, the wedges that I've been tweeting back and forth with Sophia about : ) Sucks that they are excluded for so many sales and coupons! I bought some TB wedges a few months back in sz 5.5 - and they have definitely stretched out. I'm a little mad because now they slip off my feet when I walk. What a waste of $! Next time I'm going to buy them half a size smaller.

  5. I like both looks, but the leggings and gray top is the best. It states that you can still look classy and beautiful cover up with some edge.


  6. I've seriously been considering Tory Burch flats *sigh*
    Anyways. Have you considered making a Look Book or Chictopia?? I think those are those fashion websites where girls just post up their outfits. You should totally start one of those as well Ping!
    P.S. I know this might be a weird question, but when you wear liquid leggings, do people give you weird looks or give you a lot of comments!? I get that shit ALL THE TIME in San Francisco when I wear my pvc pants, it's so annoying!!!

  7. thanks Boutzie! I appreciate that.

    Susy-- I love my Tory's!
    ahhh...yes those shiny pants do draw lots of attention. I try to wear them at night so they are no so obvious. lol. I had a few looks and a couple of people who came up to me that have said something nice though.

    I've never looked at Chictopia before. All this blogging stuff is very new to me! I will have to check it out. :)

  8. you're so fashionable :) i agree - you should check out chictopia. though beware some girls can get catty there xD

    i'm not sure it's a joby haha but it cost $22 at best buy. basically does the exact same thing :) it's awesome!


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