Sunday, June 20, 2010

Forever21 overboard & everything under $25!

It's been ages since I step foot into Forever21 even though my work is steps away from the 3 story Forever21 in SF. There's always herds of tourist and locals and the massive amount of selection in there, it makes my head hurt. I went to another forever21 less busy and my bf was patient enough to wait for me to try on 30 different items. Everything in there is so cheap, I just couldn't help it. Here are my finds and everything was under $ cheap!!!

Forever 21: Smocked Knit Trimmed Romper: $9.80 . Size S.
Fit: Good
The description on the website says orange, but I think it looks more red in person.

Heritage: FLORAL SHOULDER DRESS: $18.90. Size S.
Fit: Good
This is my first red floral print dress. Bright color and large patterns tend to scare me!

Forever21 Boutique: Beaded Crepe Chiffon Top: $24.80. Size S.

Fit: a little loose, but I don't mind it at all.
It's a little expensive for a forever top, but the details are so pretty.

Forever 21: Silky Outline Top: $24.80. Size S.
Fit: Very Loose Fit.
My bf thought it was super big, but I love large tops. The top is really silky and airy.

Forever21 Poet Chiffon Top: $19.80. Size S. Finally available online.
Fit: Loose Fit.
This is a great top, its so feminine and I love the bat wing sleeves.


  1. So you did get some good stuff! It's so cute that your bf stays with you because I usually send hubby off to a nearby Apple store, it's just easier that way and then I can take my time! I really like large airy tops too but somehow feel like I shouldn't wear them lol.

  2. These pics are looking great! I love the first, second, and last item. The first ones are so bright and pretty for summer. The last one can be worn to look much more $ than F21...I love batwings and doleman tops, and that material looks so airy and light.

    I haven't been in F21 for a while because my bf dreads it. There's usually no where for him to go because the mall is crappy in general, and you usually need at least an hour in there to sift through the racks.

  3. PetiteXXS -- my bf is very patient :)
    He waits as long as I want him to and doesn't mind going shopping with me every weekend.

    PAG-- yes my photos have improved because my bf's photography skill has improved! He's slowly picking up what angles are flattering.

    I dread forever21 too so I don't blame your bf for not liking either. It's a mess, you can't find anybody to help you and the line to the dressing room are forever long.

  4. haha i love how u called it bat wings! I really like that top =)

  5. Yay you got the romper!! I love when items are <$10!! Susan and I just got a nautical striped top from H&M for $4.95 and I love it :)

    Love the pinhole effect too :) Or is it fishbowl.. lol

  6. How come I can never find such amazing pieces like this whenever I go to Forever?! BOO to me...

    Liking the bright and light colors for the summer time. The romper is so cute. Looks amazing on you. I'm also loving your curled hair. =] At first I thought you got it cut or something but then realized it was curled! Gorgeous.

    <3s Serena.

  7. In love with the bright romper and shoulder dress!

  8. omgg all those things are SOO CUTE! Forever 21 has some great stuff. I hear they're thinking of opening a F21 in my city but all these old people are like noooo we want local boutique shops like wtf I'm so pissed hahaha. I love everything you picked out!

  9. wow! what great finds :) actually i wanted to get that floral shoulder dress and the grey top. it seems like we have similar taste :D

    yeah, sometimes cleavage bothers me but i just hate bras that don't do what they're supposed to do. i've heard so many raves about tlbc i thought i'd give it a go :) secretly, i mostly like push ups because i can throw them in the wash with all my other clothes and they come out unwrinkly xD

  10. OMG! I really love the 2nd dress- it's soo cute!!! The romper is darling too and you definitely can pull it off. The last top is really sophisticated and looks really expensive! Very good job!! :)

  11. hey ping! i got a romper recently too and love it! hahaha, i saw a cute romper at baby gap the other day when i was out with sophia and thought to myself "this would be cute for adults too." have you been to the forever in serramonte? i went on a weekday morning and it was surprisingly quiet and neat.

  12. Hi Ping,

    I absolutely love the floral dress on you. It's strange coz if I were to look a the fabic on its own, it reminds me of the 70s prints which my mum used to wear -- big and brightly coloured floral prints. However, on you it's great. You really bring out the beauty of the dress. I love the fit of it.

    I also love the bat wing top. I've got like 3 batwing ad butterfly wing tops at home too. Why is it that the Forever 21 in Singapore is so expensive???

  13. Wow you look amazing in the red romper. and the floral dress. i think you just look great in red! you should try more bright colors, you pull them off so great:) and the grey tank and embellishment is so pretty!! what awesome finds.
    and thanks for your sweet comments!

  14. all great clothes! Nobody likes the hectic atmosphere of F21, but sometimes, they do have great items that I think is worth it.

    I wanted to get that floral one shoulder dress, but couldn't find it @ my local store.

    Right now, as much as I'm into fitted prof attire, for casual wear, I really like loose tops. Feels effortless and lightweight. Instantly makes you feel like you're floating on air and want to dance around. mb that's just me. hahaha.

    Also, I love wearing rompers b/c they make me feel youthful and takes me back to my childhood. They're also a great alternative for dresses. Taking them off to go to a bathroom (esp public ones) is a pain.


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