Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bebe 00 Suit Jacket

Thank you fellow neighbors for not calling the cops on me. :)


Bebe Suit Jacket. 00. (similar here & here). Fits great, no complaints. I have the matching skirt & the waist is loose. Just an FYI -- bebe has very inconsistent sizes. I have 00P pants that run large and I have size 0 pants that fit snug everywhere, but waist is loose and length is too long. I also tried on a pair of shorts in 00P recently and I swear I was swimming in them!

Free People White Wedding Top. XS. $88 (similar here, here & here)

Free People Women's Lace Bandeau in Black $28.00 - XS. (similar here & here)

Guess Black Knit Skinny Pants. Size 23. (similar & petite friendly ==> here, here, & here)

Jessica Simpson Cutout Pumps. Size 5.5. (similar here & here)


  1. Wow you really do love your Free People clothes! And that Bebe jacket does look small... how are the armholes though? Are you able to raise your arms comfortably?

  2. omg i love this outfit! that top is amazing, i love how it layers and looks so floaty and girly! those shoes are great too! :)

  3. Ooh seeing that jacket on you reminds me of the teeny tiny one I got at the warehouse sale! It's too tight for me, but fits Susan perfectly! That top is so cute and girly, and I love it with the skinny pants and the shoes!

    What did you do differently to the pics? The colors aren't as sharp?

  4. PetiteXXS -- honestly, i haven't done the raise the arm test. it's a snug fit, but not to the point where i can't move around.

    Liana-- thanks!

    Sophia-- haha I worn that jacket once that we got at the Bebe sample sale. Man that jacket is snug. I feel like my boobies can't breathe in that one.
    oh the pics...i just played with the exposure option. it was kinda dark outside and i was kinda running so it was hard for the camera to focus. also me & the bf had a pitcher of beer before this so i got a little hyper.

  5. that's such a cute top :) you really do love ruffles and i do too! hehe

    omggg those shoes are also killer! :D lol at the pitcher of beer

  6. Free people clothes look amazing on you! And that blazer is perfect.

    LOL at you at BF :P

  7. I love this outfit! The ruffle top looks so cute on you.

    Are the JS pumps comfortable? I owned a few pairs of JS shoes and I can't say they are comfortable. They literally rubbed off a layer of skin on my feet after I wear them for more than a few hours. I am trying to figure out if my feet are just oddly shaped.

  8. Great find! That blazer is so teensy. Are you getting the skirt tailored so you can wear the full suit?

    I have not had success with bebe yet. I went into a store recently and it was really clubby so I lost the desire to brows. You're definitely right about the sizing inconsistency!

  9. the jacket fits you well, the ruffle sweater emphaises your waist line, such an adorable outfit. and thanks for your lovely comment haha I don't do much runway modeling

  10. Elle-- yeah the jessica simpson shoes, you gotta break them in. they are uncomfortable at first because after a few wears, they are perfectly fine.

    PAG--i don't plan on tailoring the skirt. i rarely wear this jacket or the matching skirt. i'm really casual at work and i don't have to dress up.

    Thanks ladies for all your sweet comments!

  11. I really enjoy the style you bring to the petite blogging community.

    Pants look great on you. Shoes are a nice touch.

  12. Thanks Aubrey-- I really appreciate that! I don't even know how to describe my style besides wearing whatever I feel like at the moment. No rules at all & I like wearing whatever is comfy and puts me in a good mood.


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