Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Review on Miss Sixty Jordana Sandals

Outfit Details:
Free People Cropped Mesh Ruffle Knit Jacket $128.00$59.99. Size 0. (similar here & here from FP)

Bebe Button Up Top - Size XXS. (Similar
here, here & here from Bebe)

Always skinny destructed jeans (faded wash): $19.99. Size 00P. Worn before on previous post. I took off about 2 inches off the length. See before pics here.

Miss Sixty Jordana Sandals: Size 6. $159. 4.5" heel & 3/4" platform. I love the t- straps and the distressed leather look of these shoes. For how high the heels are, it is actually really comfortable because of the platform. I can definitely see myself walking in these for hours. Also these actually run pretty small. When I asked the sale associate if they had these shoes in a size 5.5, he said it's European size and it runs pretty small & brought me a 6. He probably said this because they didn't have size 5.5, but the size 6 ended up fitting great. haha! I can't say his statement is true for all Miss Sixty shoes because I have ordered Miss Sixty sandals in size 6 years ago and those ran pretty big. I worn them once and I still have them to this day and don't know why I didn't return them!! But as for these Jordana Sandals, I am definitely keeping them.


  1. Those shoes look gorgeous on you and they fit you properly. I like your outfit too. I couldn't have guess those jeans are from the GAP. I am going to check them out
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  2. Those shoes are hot! I probably wouldn't get far w the spikier heel though. Btw your gap skinnies look SO good in these pics. Did you shrink em? It's unfortunate how we still have to pay for hems on petite jeans though!

  3. Great shoes, I've heard that the platform can make higher heels easier to wear.

    I love your free people jacket!

  4. PLG-- thanks...I just checked & it says the gap jeans are sold out. :(

    PAG-- yes totally ridiculous that we have to hem petite pants. It's these and BEBE that I have to take in. I have BEBE OOP and they are really long! I totally forgot to shrink these jeans.

    C-a-P & Sophia -- thanks! I can't wait for it to be warmer so I can wear them outside. LoL.

  5. Gorgeous!


  6. Thoes shoes actually look a lot better on your feet than they did in the post below! Good to know they are comfy. I can hardly walk in heels but might have to give these a try. Thanks for reviewing!


    p.s. stop by my blog to enter to win a gorgeous piece of statement jewelry! :)

  7. Those jeans look SO good on you! I love the heels! Very sexy!

  8. the free people jacket is nice! and your gap has petites?! ours is always regular - XXL! I never knew gap could look so fitting on a petite person until I read your blog...

  9. You look adorable! I love the shoes! The jeans fit you perfectly!

  10. Hey Ping! Your blog is so fun to read...can't wait to see you soon.

  11. Those shoes look nice and it's good that they're comfy for being so tall! I love the rest of the outfit too :)


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