Thursday, August 12, 2010

Reveiw: JCREW Petite Coat & Cheaper Guess Alternative

JCREW Stadium-Cloth Sacha Peacoat: Size 0P. $258.

What I like:
  • -Pretty color
  • Jacket is lined
What I dislike:
  • The material is thin & feels cheap
  • Sleeves are a bit too long
  • The length of the jacket is tad short for my liking
  • Overall fit is too boxy
  • Not worth $258!

Verdict: RETURN

Below is a jacket that is similar that I got last winter.
By Guess. Size XS. Around $150. (similar: here, here, here & here)
The material feels more expensive, the jacket is lined, the fit is better & it is so much cheaper!!


  1. Yeah, the J.Crew peacoat is so boxy and big, and especially at that price it's definitely a return! Your hair reminds me that I probably need to get a hair cut soon... mine is getting so straggly and not behaving of late :\

  2. PetiteXXS-- haha I have a hair appointment tomorrow to get it cut. I know my hair looks like crap! LoL

  3. those are nice jackets :D i agree the first is really boxy, second is much better

  4. I agree with you, I didn't like the JCrew jacket at all. It doesn't fit you where it supposed to. Nice alternative on the Guess one though. I told myself I need to stop buying black jackets. I have many in my closet. I need to look for something more colorful

  5. Really like the guess jacket. As with PetiteLG I think I want to add colour to my coat wardrobe too!

  6. the guess jacket definitely fits you a lot better, but I do like the j crew jacket color... ohhh why can't there be a jacket with the j crew color and a guess fit!!

  7. That's too bad about the J.Crew jacket but I still think I'll want to try other styles (maybe if they come out with any belted coats for Winter). I like the guess coat a lot and the collar is unique. Thanks for this review! I was looking forward to it!

  8. What a difference fit makes! Seeing the above pics, and then the pics below in the Guess, it's almost like you have 2 difference bodies but it's all from the fit of the jacket! My J. Crew coat is very boxy as well and I'm not crazy about how it looks.. but it's great for winter. Sorry the J. Crew one didn't work out though, I know you liked the color of it :\

  9. PLG-- I have so many black jackets! I wished more companies would consider making jacket in colors besides black & gray.

    Julie-- I know right! You know how you can make custom Vans...I wished I can make my custom jacket and choose my color & fit.

    PAG-- I think there is a wool trench coat in petite size with a belt at Jcrew. I wanna try it, but I been having such bad luck with ordering online lately...I think I'm going to hold off.

    Sophia -- I know right! I feel like JCrew isn't really made for petites. All their clothes/pants/coats are very boxy in general.

  10. I like the Guess jacket on you so much better.. the fit is amazing. I guess the black colour is boring in comparison, but it is versatile and I like that it is a lot cheaper. J Crew always goes on sale right? So if you really like that coat no harm in waiting a bit!

    Happy Friday!

  11. Ooooo the guess jacket is adorable! And it fits and is cheaper? That's a no brainer! Love the cute neckline on it!

  12. I love how the Guess coat look on you! OMG those jeans fit you so well! They look like the Free People flare jeggings! I'm catching up on all your posts. I love your outfits!


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