Saturday, August 21, 2010

Free People Maxi

Day Tripping...


Desert Maxi Dress: Size 0. Got it on sale for $29 at the FP store. Score!
H&M bomber jacket. Size 2. (similar here & here)
Banana Republic Necklace. (similar here & here)
Frye Boots. Size 6. (similar here, here & here)


  1. You love Free People, don't you? You look so stylish in this outfit! Maxi dress and boots? I would never thought of putting them together but look awesome on you

  2. Hey are you guys in Pescadero?? Did I tell you already that they grow good artichokes there? Not sure if they're in season right now..

    The dress fits you really well right off the hanger! That's so awesome :) I think this maxi dress on you goes to show that as long as clothing is well proportioned to your body, it doesn't matter if you're "petite" or not :)

    I love the aqua colors in that beach pic too~ beautiful!

  3. PLG-- I think I might like free people more that all petitiers love loft. Hahha! I think they designed their size 0z, xs and 24s just for me. yeah the boots/scarf was more to keep me warm.

    Sophia-- I was in pescadero and san gregario. I don't remember seeing artichokes. It was a lot of berries, apricots, nectarines and honey...
    haha took me a long time to find the maxi that I didn't have to alter and I knew FP would have one for me.this dress was actually being returned by someone else and the sales girl was like...Ping its your size. Haha! It was fate!

  4. I hope free people finds your blog do so much promo for them they should pay you! : ) I really like these photos...they tell the story of your day trip lol. Out of all the petite bloggers I follow, I think only you can pull off this edgy outfit.

  5. I would have never thought of adding a bomber jacket to a maxi! I added a blazer to a maxi for the PFC, I want your opinion if it works on me or not. You got that maxi for such a steaaaal, why are they so expensive anyways? =0(

  6. Jean-- lol! I'm just glad they carry consistent sizes and I love their esoteric style. It's easy just to throw on without thinking! My bf is great at capturing randoms moments. He pretty much shots away.

    Hanna--I thought the bomber jacket would dress down the maxi. I'd love to give you advice...but not sure what a PFC is. hahha!
    FP pieces tend to run a lot (imo)...everything is like $80+ ... that's my one complaint about them!

  7. this is so boho i absolutely love it! the wind blowing your dress around is so beachside romantic too. looking at these photos i'd never guess you were petite :)

  8. Love the Maxi dress on you, I know I couldn't pull it off even if I tried. You are seriously the definition of casual chic and I am still trying to figure out how to make that work for me.

    Ditto what Jean said, FP should really pay you to wear those clothes. I have been eying a few FP items myself and it's because of you that I really started paying more attention to their brand.

  9. I love free people! and the maxi dress looks great on you, I love the patch work on it. the pics of you at the beach is so flowly and pretty

  10. Angie -- thanks! i do love the boho style. it's so easy and comfortable. i can't wear anything work related on the weekends!

    Elle--you're sweet! I'm glad you're interesting in FP. a lot of their pieces run pretty i think their smallest size is pretty petite friendly & its great for weekend/casual wear.

    Julie-- thanks...i do love the beach. it makes everything look better.

  11. Is there anything you don't look good in? You look great!!! Not too many petites can pull off a maxi dress but it fits you so nicely!!!

  12. oh so pretty! love this look! leather jacket and maxi's are such a great combo! xo

  13. I LOOOVE FREE PEOPLE!!! YOU LOOK STUNNING!!! I am in love with this outfit!


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