Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Lusting after Botkier Bag & Upcoming Reviews

I love this botkier bag!! So cute. I'm going to give myself a challenge. If I buy absolutely nothing in the next 2 weeks, then I will alow myself to purchase this.

Look out for upcoming reviews on the following:

Image from Zappos.com

Image from Nordstrom

Image from JCrew


  1. Can't wait to see how that coat fits! Looks perfect for the weather we've been having recently... only in SF could you wear a wool coat in August!

  2. I'm excited to see the coat review too. What a great colour!

  3. The coat and the bag are to. die. LOVE!!! The collar on the coat is right up my alley. Amazing choices per usual, my dear.

  4. Just a 2-week shopping ban? I'd probably have to stop buying anything for months before hubby will agree on letting me spend that much $$ on a purse lol. I guess being married adds a "bonus" layer of self-control ;)

  5. What? Only 2 weeks for not buying anything and you get to spend that much money on the purse. I wish I can say that :) Like PetiteXXS said, being married make you more self-control :) Looking forward to other reviews
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  6. I need to go on a no buy ban too.. well in general. I feel like I'm over spending on random stuff. >.< {*AHK}

    I wish I was skin and tiny like you. I'd steal your closet in an instant. I feel like it's so HARD for me to dress chic, professional and age appropriate at the same time. I really love all your outfits. I need to be more selective with the items I buy instead of buy a bunch of casual items. {*ARGH!}

    I wish you luck on your no ban buy for 2 weeks so you can get that purse. It's really like. Digging the jacket as well.

    <3s Serena.

  7. *drooooool*
    omg i looove that purse! and that coat is amazing...i can't wait for winter already, i love bundling up in coats and scarves!

  8. PetiteXXS & PLG -- haha i guess since I'm not married, i have nobody to tell me that spending too much money is bad! Not always a good thing. ;P

    BTW--I forgot to mention that Jean gave me a code for free shipping for JCREW. Thanks so much Jean! I definitely used it.
    code is: AWU32B if anyone else needs free shipping


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