Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cougar Cardi & Pencil Skirt

Pieces that have been collecting dust in the closet & hasn't seen daylight in forever long.
Thanks Julie for taking my pics!!


Forever21 Animal Print Cardigan. S. Very Old. (similar here--cheap!, here & here)

BCBG Knee Length Pencil Skirt. XXS. Very Old. (similar here, here & here)

Hooded Wool Coat (Nordstrom). XS. Had this coat since high school. haha! (similar here & here). I hardly wear this & I been meaning to get the sleeves shortened, but never got around to it.

Fan Fringe Earring $28.00 - Free People. (similar here & here)

Arturo Chang Pumps. Size 6.


  1. Loove the "cougar" cardi! Rawr! Haha except, aren't we supposed to be kittens? ^_~ It actually doesn't look brown in the first couple of pics. I like the last pic, somehow the animal print looks good against red!

  2. You look so freakin' cute in this outfit! I think my favorite part is your shoes. I love the light yellow color with the bow!

  3. Very cute outfit! I guess it's because we've been seeing more baggy clothes on you but I've forgotten how slim you are!

  4. Omg! I actually don't think we've ever seen you in a pencil skirt. I love this outfit from head to toe...and although PXXS is right that we've been seeinga lot of loose clothing on you, I definitely have NOT forgotten how slim you are : )

  5. I really like the cardigan! I'm usually not a fan of animal prints (I have one animal-print dress that I've worn only once), but this cardigan looks great paired with that dark pencil skirt to tone it down for office wear. I love it!

  6. You are rocking that skirt and the whole outfit. I'm in LOVE with your shoes!!!!!!

  7. I really like the wool coat! The color is really nice :) Love the outfit!

  8. I really like this pencil skirt on you! I am not a fan of animal prints usually but I think the top goes really well with the skirt. :)

  9. I LOVE this outfit! Still professional yet funky... work it girlie!

    Btw, your shoes are super cute! I'm still in the search for the perfect nude heel.

  10. Sophia-- you're right...kitten is more like it. haha! i have years to go to become a cougar.

    PetiteXXS -- I do love loose tops & skinny pants. I like the balance between the two.

    PAG-- LoL! It's been freezing here & has been sprinkling every morning. I do have a lot of pencil skirts, I haven't had the chance to wear it this year. If it gets warmer, you will definitely see more of it.

    AN & CnP--I have had those shoes for a few years and they are by arturo chang. I do love the cute bow detail and the scalloping...I got them from bloomies but I haven't seen much from this designer ever since. :(

    LnS & Elle-- you know when I was in college I had a friend who love animal print and I thought it was ugly. haha! it has definitely grown on me over the years!!

    Stephie -- thanks! check nordstrom for cute nude pumps, i saw one by bcbgirls (i think) & another by nine west.

  11. you actually made leopard print look professional! i am very impressed, foxy mama :)

    leopard print has grown on me over the years as well. last time i ventured into this trend was when i was 12 hahaha and it wasn't pretty back then. i absolutely love your shoes too!

  12. I absolutely love this outfit. Don't you love it when you find something that were in your closet for years and make it work? You totally rock this outfit. Your shoes are very unique

  13. the coat is nice, and I'm such a fan of animal prints, love the shirt on you!

  14. So pretty! I love this look on you !!


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