Monday, August 23, 2010

Happy Happy in my Bebe!

The sun decided to shine and bless SF with an 80 degree day. Makes me a very happy camper. :)


Bebe Dress. Size 0. To create this look:
Michael by Michael Kors Snake Print Pumps. Size 6. (similar here, here & here)
Michael by Michael Kors Snake Print Tote. (similar here, here & here)
Tom Ford Brown Jennifer Sunglasses. $328.35. (similar here & here)


  1. Oh how cute! I have a similar BEBE dress with longer sleeves....this fits you so nicely!

    It's sexy but still classy :) Love it!

  2. Love the dress. It looks very lovely on you and fits you pretty well.

  3. this look screams art/fashion student! i so love itttt :) that picture with the red maple looking ivy is beautiful

    i will be sure to wear that smokey matte black shadow just for you haha :D !

  4. Wow that dress fits you perfectly! And pockets! LOVE!

    Did you have to get this dress altered at all?

  5. Ping hahaha "Happy Happy" sounds like the name of a fobby tapioca place! lol.

    Wow this dress was totally made for you! I like the length of the dress, and I like where the skirt meets the blouse line. Perfect proportions! And the print on the skirt keeps it from being a plain black skirt. Yet another piece that fits off the rack with zero alterations :) Good job Ping!

  6. ooh awesome background. and lovely pattern on the pencil skirt. I like the first and last picture a lot!

  7. Thanks ladies for your comments...

    Curls -- no alterations needed at all!

    Sophia-- i chuckled when i put the title of this blog. i saw a cafe when i was driving this weekend and it was called the happy cafe! hahaha!
    yeah i hate altering things & i'm bigger than most petites so i don't have too much trouble finding clothes.

  8. I thought it was separates! I love the top portion of it. Also, super chic purse and flats... love that it matches! It's a concept that seems before our time but yet on you it looks so modern and stylish!

    Have a great day!

  9. What a darling dress on you Ping. I agree with Jen in that I thought they were separates too. I esp like the plaid bottom and little side pockets!

  10. What a lovely dress!! I LOVE the plaid!!!! It's very chic!

  11. Nicely fitted dress! You always look great in everything :)

  12. thanks ping for your comments :D hehe yeah hosting can be pretty eww for $10 but for $1 i said, why not? that's cheaper than anything else i can think of buying xD

    call me panda if you want <3 fu fu fu :3 i like it!

  13. What a cute outfit! :) You are really pretty!

  14. At first I thought your outfit was a one piece until I saw your comment on how it was two pieces. I'd be happy in Bebe in warm weather as well!! It was crazy hot Tuesday wasn't it?! I went after work and it was still warm as crazy.

    I really like the skirt. The design and pattern is loves.

    Ping, you always take such great photos.

    <3s Serena.

  15. Super cute! I'd be happy happy in that dress too! :)

  16. Was blog hopping and happen to stumble onto yours! Really really cute outfit! Looks so professional!
    Am your new follower ^^


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