Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Grey Day

it was cold & drizzling today...where is my summer?


Forever21 Textured Ruffled Top: Size S. $12.90. (similar here & here)
H&M Bomber Jacket. Size 2. (similar here & here)
Bebe Acid Wash Denim Leggins. Size 24. (similar here, here & here)
Botkier Satchel. (similar here & here)


  1. Love this outfit. I hope to wear something similar .... in 2 or 3 months, lol. At first glance I thought that top looked similar to the first LOFT blouse that PetiteXXS reviewed, in a new color. I can't believe it's only $12.90 from F21. How do you find these good bargains that look more expensive?

    And the bf's photography is getting really good and "editorial-y." I showed my bf some of your blog photos today in hopes that he borrows some of the style. He gave me the blankest stare.

  2. I was just thinking that I love that blouse too! Very similar to LOFT or Ann Taylor style blouses but at a much better price! How come I can never find these things at F21??

  3. Drizzling? Wow. I actually got a few hours of blue skies in my 'hood.

    I want acid wash pants/jeans/jeggings! I think they're so hot!

    I really love how you provide the links ~ it's super helpful. The BR one for the tank ~ what's up with the model! Her stance and everything is just awkward lol.

  4. the first pic is so high fashion! i love your top and bag :D

  5. I am loving your outfit especially the top. I can't believe you're wearing jacket in August. You look very stylish as always. BF did a great job on taking pictures

  6. Wow, I thought that top was from AT/LOFT too!

    Great photos and I really love grey - goes with anything!

  7. omg I love that bag! the ruffle shirt is so cute too

  8. Summers don't exist in San Francisco!!!!!!!!

  9. thanks ping :D yeahh ever since joining the site my style has really evolved. i've been trying crazy things haha but it's good to know that normalness is appreciated too

  10. I love this outfit. I especially liked the bomber jacket. Who is your photographer? :)


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